Why You Should Get WordPress

Why We Endorse WordPress Themes

Looking around our portfolio essay, some get the impression that all we’re capable of is modifying WordPress themes to make them look individual, cutting-edge, and incredibly sophisticated.

We’re big advocates of WordPress for several good reasons. And most of those reasons are because they make for unbelievably satisfied clients. Take a look:

WordPress is low cost

Most static websites require a lot of labor to program and design. Since WordPress themes can be transformed and reshaped into any design you like, they save you money and translate into a much lower bottom line on your end.

You get all the gorgeous design and usability you’re looking for at a much lower cost.

WordPress puts you in the driver’s seat

When you want to make a change to a static website, chances are you’re going to need the help of your web developer. But what if all you wanted to do was change a phone number or add a page of copy for a new service?

With WordPress, it’s simple. You have full control of your site and can make your own changes on the fly without having to ask for anyone’s help or wait for them to have the time to help you.

As an added bonus – you won’t have to pay them for the labor. Pretty great.

WordPress does what you tell it to do

Trends change in the blink of an eye. What you loved last year may seem terribly outdated this year, and it may even be costing you clients.

With WordPress, you can change the design or upgrade your site with new features without having to change – and pay for changing – every single piece. WordPress has add-on features for every possible business need.

  • Looking to get more involved in social media marketing? Add a Twitter plugin.
  • Going to be selling a few things but don’t want to deal with complicated shopping carts? Add an ecommerce plugin.
  • Starting a business blog and want to direct traffic to your articles? Add a Digg, Reddit, or del.i.cious plugin.

The options are pretty much unlimited. Whatever you need your business to accomplish, a WordPress platform gives you all the tools you need to do it affordably and with no stress and hassle.

And that’s just the beginning of why we love WordPress.

We work exclusively with WordPress platforms because it’s the perfect framework for our clients’ needs. We’ve been working with WordPress for years, and we know how to get your site to look and behave exactly the way you need it to.

Gorgeous design, incredible usability, and a chameleon-like ability to change with your company’s brand and needs… WordPress has it all. Including our enthusiasm.

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