what are some interesting research topics relating to gender

what are some interesting research topics relating to gender

Power roles in marriages
Pornography and the treatment of women

Writing a research paper about gender may seem easy until you learn about different ideas you can choose from. The paper you need to write should include content based on personal interests. This means you should not choose a topic based on what other people are writing about. The best way to find a topic is to review ideas based on guidelines presented to you for your project. This will give you something to focus on when determining the best idea. In the end, you are more likely to find something suitable for your assignment you can actually write about.
Search homework help sites for additional ideas and tips. These sites vary based on academic level, but there are blogs, articles, and tutorials offering more information on how to develop gender topics. These sites may or may not have someone you can reach out to. Meaning, they may provide information that is updated or out of date depending on their history and experience.

  • Why are women underrepresented in top management and leadership roles?
  • The pressure to conform to an ideal body type – are men leveraged?
  • Why journals invite more men to referee?
  • If she can do it, I can too – do same-gender role models matter?
  • Is surgical transformation of a man into a woman biologically complete and successful?
  • What professions are best suitable for transgenders?
  • Are gay parents more successful than lesbian parents in a patriarchal society?
  • What causes an individual to undergo surgeries to change his/her gender?
  • Are beauty standards for women age specific?
  • Can men and women be just friends?
  • It should sound interesting to you.
  • There should be a dearth of sufficient knowledge about it in the present literature body.
  • It’s practicable to research it within the means and resources you have.

What are some interesting research topics relating to gender
Below is a sampling of past research conducted by past WGSE participants:
A centerpiece of the Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe program is the independent field research that students carry out on a topic chosen by the student in consultation with the Program Director prior to arrival in Europe. Drawing on skills developed in the feminist and queer theory and methodology seminars, students select appropriate research methods and conduct a sustained research project with a transnational, cross-cultural, and comparative focus, based on resources located and/or developed by the student in the countries visited.

What are some interesting research topics relating to gender
Start off with making a debatable thesis, then write an engaging introduction, convincing main body, and strong conclusion for gender inequality essay .

  1. Aspects of sex discrimination
  2. Main indications of inequality between the sexes
  3. Causes of sex discrimination
  4. Inferior role of women in the relationships
  5. Sex differences in education
  6. Can education solve issues of inequality between the sexes?
  7. Impact of discrimination on early childhood development
  8. Why do women have limited professional opportunities in sports?
  9. Gender discrimination in sports
  10. Lack of women having leadership roles
  11. Inequality between the sexes in work-family balance
  12. Top factors that impact inequality at a workplace
  13. What can governments do to close the gender gap at work?
  14. Sex discrimination in human resource processes and practices
  15. Gender inequality in work organizations
  16. Factors causing inequality between men and women in developing countries
  17. Work-home conflict as a symptom of inequality between men and women
  18. Why are mothers less wealthy than women without children?
  19. Forms of sex discrimination in a contemporary society
  20. Sex discrimination in the classroom
  21. Justification of inequality in American history
  22. Origins of sex discrimination
  23. Motherhood and segregation in labour markets
  24. Sex discrimination in marriage
  25. Can technology reduce sex discrimination?