use euthanasia in a sentence

use euthanasia in a sentence

You may have heard the terms “active euthanasia” and “passive euthanasia”.
Euthanasia can be classified as:

They offer euthanasia and cremation services along with support groups and places to lay your pet to rest.
The reality is that any changes would be recommendations of an appointed unelected commission, all of whom would favor euthanasia .

14. Except the Netherlands all the European nations consider euthanasia illegal.
18. Should voluntary euthanasia assisted suicide be legalized?

Many of these were aired in the case of Diane Pretty, who was dying of motor neurone disease and wanted her husband to end her life without being prosecuted for aiding and abetting suicide. Her case led to a high profile legal and public debate on the issue, as her husband first applied to domestic courts (up to the House of Lords), and then to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for judicial review of the refusal to give him immunity from prosecution. Had the case been successful, it would have effectively struck down the legal ban on assisted suicide.
The subject of Euthanasia is a highly controversial and divisive topic, raising an array of sophisticated moral, ethical, social, philosophical, legal and religious concerns.

“How legal euthanasia changed Belgium forever”
(Mercator net — May 17, 2013)
Euthanasia is being promoted as a “beautiful” and positive way to die. Doctors are transplanting organs from patients who die in the operation. (This is said to make their lives meaningful. The law may soon allow children and patients with dementia to be euthanased.
“Death by doctor: Controversial physician has made his name delivering euthanasia when no one else will”
(National Post — November 22, 2013)
Wim Distelmans is unusual among physicians: when one of his patients dies, it means his treatment was a success…In an interview at a clinic he runs in the Brussels suburb of Wemmel, Dr. Distelmans defended his actions and argued that Belgian euthanasia law — which some argue has opened the door to abuses — should be expanded to cover children and people suffering from dementia.
Dr. Distelmans is co-chairman of the federal commission charged with reviewing — after the fact– whether euthanasia cases performed in Belgium adhered to the legal criteria.