statistics research project ideas

statistics research project ideas

Statistics research project ideas
Statistics Project can be quite challenging, so even a guidance through your textbook chapter or some help with collected data can help you receive an A+ when you are floating in this “I’m Stuck” mode! There, teamwork and collaboration can help you — the majority of real-life statistics projects are done by large teams that collect data, conduct analysis and write detailed reports on results.

  • Healthcare: Probiotics may lead to indigestion and diarrhea.
  • IT: The use of the Internet leads to increase in distance learning and home-schooling.
  • Education: College debts is the main reason for the student’s low performance.
  • Social Sciences: The students of Asian ethnicity are better in Math.
  • Engineering: Use of smart greenhouses prolongs the growing season.
  • Marketing: The use of social media improves sales of physical stores compared to stores with no online presence.
  • MBA: The use of microfinance helps to empower women more than men in the same conditions of work.

Data Analyses

  1. Creating a webpage that explains conceptual statistical issues like randomization, margin of error, overfitting, cross-validation, concepts in data visualization, sampling. The webpage should not use any math at all and should explain the concepts so a general audience could understand. Bonus points if you make short 30 second animated youtube clips that explain the concepts. (Difficulty: Lowish; Effort: Highish)
  2. Building an aggregator for statistics papers across disciplines that can be the central resource for statisticians. Journals ranging from _PLoS Genetics_ to _Neuroimage_ now routinely publish statistical papers. But there is no one central resource that aggregates all the statistics papers published across disciplines. Such a resource would be hugely useful to statisticians. You could build it using blogging software like WordPress so articles could be tagged/you could put the resource in your RSS feeder. (Difficulty: Lowish; Effort: Mediumish)

Statistics research project ideas
Good statistical projects start with clear hypotheses and you should always think of topics that interest you first before fretting about collecting and analyzing data.
As a student, you’ll need to look at all sides of a problem and establish who or what is actually causing environmental issues in your area. In your conclusion, you’ll have to speak out about what your opinion is.

Online data archives. There are various archives online such as JSE Data Archive which you could search to find data to test predictions.
Why asteroid impact probability goes up, then down. The Wikipedia explanation doesn’t quite address probabilities — simulating a more detailed model might be interesting.

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