how to cite a website in apa generator

how to cite a website in apa generator

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In academia, bibliographies are graded on their accuracy against the official APA rulebook, so it is important for students to ensure their citations are formatted correctly. Special attention should also be given to ensure the entire document (including main body) is structured according to the APA guidelines. Our complete APA format guide has everything you need know to make sure you get it right (including examples and diagrams).

How to cite a website in apa generator
India: Country specific information. (2013, October 3). Retrieved from
We need food, shelter, and water in life. We also need a web address and DOI number in an APA citation for a web page. Including site addresses and DOIs are an absolute necessity. Addresses and DOIs (which stand for direct object identifiers) are usually the last item in an APA website citation.

How to cite a website in apa generator
How? Instead of writing down all authors’ last names, write only the last name of the first author, followed by “et al.,” which means “and others.”
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Cite This For Me is not only an APA citation website; it can help you generate citations in multiple formats. The citation generator above will generate your references in APA format as standard. You can also sign up to Cite This For Me to select from over 7,000+ styles, including individual college variations. So, whether your professor prefers that you use the MLA format, or your discipline requires you to adopt the Chicago style citation, your referencing will be supported. Cite This For Me also provides citation generators and handy guides for styles such as ASA, AMA, IEEE or Harvard.
The APA citation style (6th Edition) is a parenthetical author-date style, so you need to put the author’s last name and the publishing date into parentheses wherever another source is used in the narrative.

How to cite a website in apa generator

  1. Page number
  2. Title of paper
  3. Name of authors
  4. Affiliation; name of your school or institution
  5. Course name
  6. Instructor’s name
  7. Date paper is due

Here are a few important paper formatting changes: * Running head is only required for professional (not student) papers * Only a single space should be placed after punctuation. * The new style version endorses the use of the singular “they” as an option for a gender neutral pronoun. * The 7th edition promotes the use of “they” as a singular, gender-neutral pronoun. * In addition to the paper title, author name, and institutional affiliation, a cover page for a student paper should also have the course, instructor name, and due date