essay on racism

essay on racism

Essay on racism
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Figura 1.0 Imágenes recogidas en el MIT, en Cambrige Massachusetts, en 1942 por un radar de banda S. Figura extraída de Radar in Meteorology, (Battan memorial and 40th anniversary of the radar meteorology,Ed. AMS).

Racism and prejudice are permanent identifications of groups of people and will never go away. America is filled with differentiated opinions, multiple backgrounds, beliefs, etc. The fact that there will always be an opposing side, is the ultimate reality. America is so diverse, that the thought of trying to end prejudice and racism is beyond pointless. Every culture and religion has some type of racism and segregation. Women are limited to what their role is in society and black people are often
Racism has always existed with humans. Racism is treating someone differently of unfairly simply because they belong to a different ethnic community of have a different religion or nationality. When someone believes their race is better than another and feels superior ro other people because of his of her race, is called racism. Throughout time, many people have lost their lives, or lost their families and children, and are left without homes due to racism. Racism causes wars, which could destroy

teachers and classmates. This is just one of the many times police officers have fatally shot someone that was unarmed and just happened to be black. Police racism is a very big problem in America. The killings of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Walter Scott are other examples of police racism and brutality as well. Reasons behind police racism and brutality are simple. People still have a certain way that they think about people of color. Police officers are in fact trained to be more “aggressive”
Has anybody ever thought of this? Racism is sinful! Probably many have, but somehow everyone end up having to talk about it, as they see this form of sin practiced all over the world. It ‘s a serious problem. The word “Racism” is simply a word used for a person that demonstrates superiority of their race to another person. The reason why this is sinful is because all humans are descendants of Adam and Eve, which proves all humans equal. But, from the start, humans have a natural tendency to make

Essay on racism
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