how to grammar check on google docs

how to grammar check on google docs

As you edit documents in Google Docs with Grammarly’s extension installed or turned on, you’ll automatically see its suggestions appear, with red underlines appearing beneath your typing where Grammarly suggestions a change. Mouse over each suggestion and click the options presented to indicate whether you wish to accept the change suggested by Grammarly.
Click the “Tools” menu, then click “Spelling and grammar.” Click “Show spelling suggestions” or “Show grammar suggestions” to turn that feature on or off. If you have spelling suggestions turned on, misspelled words and words that Google Docs doesn’t know will be underlined in red. If grammar suggestions are turned on, you’ll see areas where Google Docs thinks your grammar may be off underlined in blue.

How to grammar check on google docs
3. If Google doesn’t recognize a word that you use a lot, such as a proper name, you can add the word to your custom dictionary in Google Docs by right-clicking on the specific word and selecting “Add [word] to dictionary”.
3. Spell check will move through your Google Doc and a pop-up box with suggestions for each misspelled word will appear on the right. You can either “Ignore” or “Accept” each suggestion.

How to grammar check on google docs
There is no doubt that Google Docs intent to provide a system which helps user identify and change language mistakes is both gallant and welcome, and the system as it exists today does make some useful suggestions.
Now that the tool is activated, when you type in Google Docs, any potential grammar mistake will be underlined in blue, while spelling errors will be underlined in red. This will work both in your browser and in the app for either Android or iOS.

How to grammar check on google docs
If you’re working against deadlines to create documents daily (how’s that for alliteration?), having correct grammar probably isn’t the first thing on your mind. And when it is, it seems there’s almost always a contested debate about what is correct (or “which?”). Even professional linguists have a hard time agreeing on grammatical suggestions—our own research found that one in four times linguists disagree on whether a suggestion is correct.
G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise customers will start to see inline, contextual grammar suggestions in their documents as they type, just like spellcheck. If you’ve made a grammar mistake, a squiggly blue line will appear under the phrase as you write it. You can choose to accept the suggestion by right-clicking it.

So what are some errors that Google’s grammar checker will combat? Some of the most commonly found errors are usage of their, they’re, and there, as well as confusion between using affect and effect. The grammar checker will highlight the errors with a blue squiggle line.
The grammar checker, works though machine translation. This is the same AI technology that is behind Google Translate and other features of Google’s natural language processing abilities.


what are personal essay topics

what are personal essay topics

  • Society and politics
    • Events that had an impact on your personality.
    • What has happened that shifted your outlook?
    • What social interactions made you aware of the diversity issue.
    • Acceptance among peers.
    • Dealing with social isolation, being an outcast.
    • How did you overcome exclusiveness or help someone to feel included?
    • Your opinion towards gender and gender roles.
    • Bullying and harassment.
    • Volunteering and charity.
    • What do you do to make a world a better place?
    • Pressure from the society.
    • Meeting expectations of the society.
    • Your encounters with injustice and hypocrisy.
    • Relations with neighbors, partners, friends.
    • Abusive relations.
    • Government.
    • Human rights.
    • Worldwide non-governmental organizations.
    • Participation in parades, protest, and other social or political movements.
    • Violence and atrocities.
  • Why did you become a vegetarian?
  • Struggles with bullying.
  • Supporting a friend in need.

What are personal essay topics
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Natasha (CA)

  • Write an essay about a life-changing experience you
  • Describe the biggest loss you experienced in the form of an essay.
  • Write an essay about the proudest moment of your
  • Imagine if you could move to any country in the world and live there. Which one would you pick? Write an essay explaining why you chose that country
  • “Love ceases to be a pleasure when it ceases to be a secret.” In relation to this statement, write an essay about your secret love.
  • In the form of an essay write about a close call you experienced.
  • Write an essay about the toughest news you had to give. Include why you had to give the news.
  • Write an essay about a major wrong choice you made.
  • Imagine that you had the chance to change a single thing in your life. In the form of an essay describe what it would be and why you would want to change it.
  • Write an essay about the greatest discovery you have ever made.
  • Write an essay about a person that let you down. Describe how they let you down, why, and how it affected your relationship.
  • Ignorance is bliss. In relation to the statement, write an essay describing some things that you did not understand back then that you understand
  • Write an essay about the most humiliating moment of your life.
  • Write an essay describing events leading to the moment that you realized you were a grown-up.
  • Write an essay about how you met your best friend.
  • In the form of an essay describe the worst argument you ever had. Describe who it was with, who started it, and how it affected your relationship with that person.
  • Write an essay about a time you questioned a belief or idea. What prompted your thinking? What was the outcome of this?
  • In the form of an essay describe a problem that you would want to solve in the world. Explain the steps you would take to resolve it.
  • Write an essay vividly describing your biggest fear in life.
  • Write an essay about the most difficult decision you ever had to make.
  • Live with technology, not through technology. In relation to this statement, write an essay about technological items you cannot live without.
  • Write an essay describing the best memory you had that involved your family members.
  • Write an essay about musicians who inspire you and make you feel good with their music.
  • Write an essay about someone you look up to. It can be a friend, a relative, a famous television personality, and explain why they appeal to you.
  • In the form of an essay describe your fears and phobias in life.
  • Write an essay about your first day in college.
  • In the form of an essay, describe an awkward encounter you had in college.
  • Write an essay about what motivates you to work hard and follow your dreams in life.
  • In the form of an essay describe an accomplishment in your life that sparked a period of growth and a better understanding of yourself.
  • Write an essay describing a hobby that you find so engaging you lose track of time.
  • Write an essay describing how your professor can motivate you to be better and achieve more.
  • In the form of an essay, describe the steps you would take to stop conflicts.
  • In the form of an essay, explain the best lesson you learned in your
  • Write an essay about how you deal with stressful situations in school.
  • Write an essay about the biggest failure in your life and what it taught you.
  • Imagine you came across a lot of In the form of an essay describe the first five things you would buy.
  • In the form of an essay describe your first encounter with your favorite meal.
  • Write an essay describing your dream job and explain why it is your dream job.
  • In the form of an essay describe the moment you heard the best words in your entire life.
  • Write an essay describing the most beautiful place you have ever been to and explain what the experience means to you.
  • Write an essay about something that makes you feel guilty every time you encounter it.
  • Write an essay describing what money means to you
  • Write an essay describing a place you always try to avoid.
  • Write an essay describing how you were taught a lesson by a child.
  • Imagine you traveled back in time to a hundred years ago. In the form of an essay describe what you would tell the people about the future?
  • Write an essay describing what animal you would want to be if you had to choose.
  • In the form of an essay describe an incident that made you believe that words can hurt.
  • Write an essay about the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.
  • Write an essay describing the ugliest thing you have ever seen.
  • In the form of an essay describe an accident that you were part of and what it changed in your
  • In the form of an essay describe a situation where you made the right choice without knowing at the time.
  • Write an essay about your favorite color, what it means to you, and when you decided on it.
  • In the form of an essay describe a moment in your life when you needed a hug.
  • Write an essay about a lesson you learned the hard way.
  • Write an essay about your favorite sport and the memories you have of it.
  • Write an essay about the charity you would start if you had the resources.
  • Write an essay describing words that brought you hope during a dark time in your
  • Write an essay describing the happiest moment of your
  • Write an essay describing the saddest day of your
  • In the form of an essay describe your best friend.
  • Write an essay about a moment where you felt betrayed by a person.
  • In the form of an essay describe a moment that led you to unleash your
  • Write an essay about a time you embarrassed yourself in public.
  • Write an essay describing what you like and what you do not like about each of your closest friends.
  • In the form of an essay describe a moment where you engaged in a fight. Include what led to it and its consequences.
  • Write an essay about the most beautiful person you have ever met.
  • In the form of an essay write about a character flaw that you possess but are embarrassed about.
  • Write an essay describing the first enemy you have ever made.
  • Write an essay describing a moment when you were scared for your
  • In the form of an essay describe the time you felt like running away.
  • Write an essay describing why you will succeed in life.
  • Write an essay describing your bravest moment in life.
  • Write an essay about the last act of kindness that you
  • In the form of an essay, describe your favorite holiday.
  • Write an essay describing how you would change the life of someone you care about if you
  • Write an essay about your favorite place in the world and describe why it is so special to you.

Here are some great ideas that you may choose to follow up on to create good topics for your essay:

What are personal essay topics
Actually, the subject is not as important as you think. Readers want to see your point of view that reveals your unique personality.
That differs from elaborating on personal argumentative essay topics, when students have to support their point of view with strong arguments, reasons, relevant examples, appropriate illustrations, etc.

What are personal essay topics
Narrative essays are written and presented as stories. It is a good opportunity to share your experience, show your point of view on specific events in your life, and develop your storytelling skills. The popularity of this task explains why students of almost any faculty and course can be assigned to write and present a narrative essay on a specific topic.
Even if you don’t have a lot of experience in a specific field, you can find amazing stories that could be a basis for your paper or read narrative essay tips in our blog. What else can you talk about in your text? Recall episodes from your childhood, school, summer vacations, parties and holidays, hard decisions and how you had made them, personal hobbies, and student years. You can write about anything! If you already have experience working as an employee, you can also choose a narrative essay writing topics based on your working experience.


personal essay prompts 2019

personal essay prompts 2019

Personal essay prompts 2019
Get one-on-one help from former Ivy League and top tier admission officers. Our College Admission Counselors will help you find, apply, and get accepted to your dream school.
Individual schools sometimes require supplemental essays. Here are a few popular application essay topics and some tips for how to approach them:

Personal essay prompts 2019
Take the time to brainstorm and figure out what you want to show colleges about yourself and what story or interest best exemplifies that quality.
However, personal growth is a gradual process, and you can definitely still approach this topic if you feel you have more maturing to do. (Fun fact: most adults feel they have more maturing to do, too!) Just focus on a specific step in the process of growing up and explain what it meant to you and how you’ve changed.

Personal essay prompts 2019
And a few examples to think about:

  • When has your opinion been unpopular?
  • Why are you the kind of person who is willing to stand up for what you believe in?
  • What is important to you on a fundamental level of morals and values?
  • How passionate are you about the things you believe in?

Counselors looking to get a head start with application workshops this year can take advantage of Common App Ready, a suite of on-demand resources, training videos, and infosheets, details everything students, counselors, and families need to know about using the Common App. This resource includes details on application creation, detailed descriptions of each section, and submission requirements. The tool also includes Spanish language resources.
During the 2018-2019 application year, the most popular topic of choice was: “Share an essay on any topic of your choice. It can be one you’ve already written, one that responds to a different prompt, or one of your own design.” (24.1%). The next most popular topics were: “Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others.” (23.7%), followed by “The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success. Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience?” (21.1%).

Personal essay prompts 2019
This well-worn idiom captures the mindset of the decision-makers at the Common Application who announced this January that the essay prompts for the upcoming 2019-20 admissions cycle will be the same as they were in 2018-2019. In the opinion of the College Transitions staff, the choice not to tinker was a wise one. A quick look at the data shows that the prompts, as presently constituted, received rave reviews across the board—more than 90% of admissions officers, guidance counselors, parents, and students rated the selections positively.
In 2018-19, the most frequently selected topic was #7, the “topic of your choice” essay. This prompt was chosen by 24.1% of applicants. Prompt #5, the “discuss an accomplishment” essay was a close second, attracting 23.7% of seniors. The bronze medal went to prompt #2, the “challenge, setback, or failure” themed essay, which netted 21.1% of Common App filers. Overall, the three most popular prompts accounted for 68.9% of applicants.


which philosophy did tang rulers apply to xname their empire buddhism confucianism daoism hinduism

which philosophy did tang rulers apply to xname their empire buddhism confucianism daoism hinduism

Which philosophy did tang rulers apply to xname their empire buddhism confucianism daoism hinduism

Sakti [shakti] means “power”; in Hindu philosophy and theology sakti is understood to be the active dimension of the godhead, the divine power that underlies the godhead’s ability to create the world and to display itself. Within the totality of the godhead, sakti is the complementary pole of the divine tendency toward quiescence and stillness. It is quite common, furthermore, to identify sakti with a female being, a goddess, and to identify the other pole with her male consort. The two poles are usually understood to be interdependent and to have relatively equal status in terms of the divine economy (David R. Kinsley, Hindu Goddesses: Visions of the Divine Feminine in the Hindu Religious Tradition [Berkeley: University of California Press, 1986], 133).

Goddess worship is one of the longest standing religious traditions in Hinduism. Arthur Basham, a well-known historian of India wrote:

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The present paper is a textual and cultural study of the subject. Through a comparison of various records of the tale of a fourteen-year-old girl known as Maiden Cao (Cao E [??], d. 143), who succeeded in finding the body of her drowned father, I shall reconstruct and examine the earliest sources of the tale that records the search method. This reconstruction offers solid grounds for determining which variants in certain disputed texts make the most sense. With these findings, we shall be in a better position to understand how this old ritual was performed and how it worked, and therefore to correctly construe relevant historical records that were previously misunderstood.


research paper writing service

research paper writing service

The professional staff has experts trained to compose high-quality research papers that disclose the issue in question to the fullest and provide all the needed information to make the work trustworthy and cogent. And, if you need a term paper, you still can stay assured that they will find the best possible candidate to craft the paper for you as well as meet all the academic demands presented by your professor.
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Research paper writing service
Education writing, as most know, means that you’ll have writing needs throughout your academic life span, be it a day, a week, a month etc. You may study long term, but you are denied certain writing assignment grading opportunities by not having your papers correctly formatted. This usually mean slack within your graduation timeline. With a challenged economy, it seems that there are more people stiffing students with customer service. Not, my fellow students.
Nobody needs to know shorthand or how to look up texts using the Dewey Decimal System, and things that are still vital today, like writing services, might soon go the way of the dinosaur as voice recognition software inevitably becomes flawless in its application. Will that deter our writing services? Never.

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Research paper writing service
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We cover a huge range of subjects. Some of our most popular areas include:

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how to write a good history analysis essay

how to write a good history analysis essay

How to write a good history analysis essay
How to Make a Successful Analytical Essay Introduction?

  • Topic sentence #1 along with the claim, supporting evidence, and tie (3 times each)
  • Topic sentence #2 along with the claim, supporting evidence, and tie (3 times each)
  • Topic sentence #3 along with the claim, supporting evidence, and tie (3 times each)

How does the example prove your thesis (Why is this example important? How does it support the main claim of your thesis statement?):
To better understand drafting a well-planned argument, let’s take a closer look at an example of a concise analytical paragraph. Please see comments at the bottom for more explanation:

First of all we ought to ask, What constitutes a good history essay? Probably no two people will completely agree, if only for the very good reason that quality is in the eye – and reflects the intellectual state – of the reader. What follows, therefore, skips philosophical issues and instead offers practical advice on how to write an essay that will get top marks.
It’s as well to keep in mind what you should not be doing. Do not introduce lots of fresh evidence at this stage, though you can certainly introduce the odd extra fact that clinches your case. Nor should you go on to the ‘next’ issue. If your question is about Hitler coming to power, you should not end by giving a summary of what he did once in power. Such an irrelevant ending will fail to win marks. Remember the point about answering ‘nothing but the question’? On the other hand, it may be that some of the things Hitler did after coming to power shed valuable light on why he came to power in the first place. If you can argue this convincingly, all well and good; but don’t expect the examiner to puzzle out relevance. Examiners are not expected to think; you must make your material explicitly relevant.

Write your introduction: The introduction outlines how you intend to present your analysis. It also presents a basic map for the essay that indicates how you will prove your argument. The most important component of the introduction is your thesis statement, which must be presented in clear and concise language.
Construct the body of your essay: The body of an analytical essay should do more than present a series of facts or describe a historical event. Each paragraph should present a specific point, beginning with a topic sentence that defines its aim and illustrates how the paragraph fits into the essay’s overall thesis.

The following document was prepared by Professors Matt Matsuda and John Gillis. The authors gratefully acknowledge the following for their aid:
“The appropriation of ideas, language, or work of another without sufficient acknowledgment that the material is not one’s own. Although it is generally recognized that everything an individual has thought has probably been influenced to some degree by the previously expressed thoughts and actions of others, such influences are general. Plagiarism involves the deliberate taking of specific words and ideas of others without proper acknowledgment.” (Ronald R. Butters and George D. Gopen, GUIDELINES for the use of students submitting papers for University Writing Courses and other classes in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering [Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Department of English, 1992, p. 15]).


is euthanasia a form of mercy killing a crime why or why not essay

is euthanasia a form of mercy killing a crime why or why not essay

According to a survey done in respect to acceptance of euthanasia by the general public the results show a growing level of acceptance (Top News, 2011). The research was carried out in twelve Western European countries by first analyzing the European Value Surveys that had been done prior to the year 2000. From more than forty six thousand interviewees the average acceptance of euthanasia was only a mere twenty two percent. These results in comparison with previous data indicate that there is a growing support for euthanasia as well as individual rights to such matters. Overall in a number of western countries, there has been a notable increase in euthanasia acceptance as the study showed and it further proved that pressure is still building up for euthanasia to be legalized all over (Oxford, web).
In conclusion, it may be necessary for all voices to be heard before a hasty decision is made on whether to legalize euthanasia or not. Since each individual has a right of expression I think the best way to answer the question of whether euthanasia should be legal be subjected to free and fair voting and the outcome be upheld.

Euthanasia is not embraced by everyone, as some people tend to go against it on the grounds of religion and morality. 5 March 2019 2 February 2020
They argue that mercy killing is an unethical practice because killing a person – for whatsoever reason it is, cannot be justified. Argumentative Essay: Euthanasia Euthanasia is another term for mercy killing. This approach is generally applicable to individuals with intractable or terminal disease due to lethal or discontinuation of life support treatment. Should Euthanasia be Legalised This essay will explore several different and varied opinions about whether or not euthanasia should be legalised. Euthanasia, or Mercy Killing. Mercy Killing essays Imagine a body slowly and excruciatingly being broken down by an unseen and uncontrollable invader. Mercy Killing or Just Plain Killing: The Euthanasia Debate For as long as people have been around, we have been dying. Euthanasia involves terminating the life of patients to relieve pain and suffering; which became intolerable.

Is euthanasia a form of mercy killing a crime why or why not essay
3.5. Some argue that there are important moral differences between allowing something to happen and doing something or because killing someone and letting them die are profoundly different, and so passive and active euthanasia should be judged differently. But consider this case:
[7] For tragic reflections that letting someone die can be worse than killing them, see Gary Comstock, “You Should Not Have Let Your Baby Die,” The New York Times, July 12, 2017.

In general, the medical exception accepts that doctors are allowed to do things which are for others forbidden, as long as there is a substantive medical reason. Medical treatment falls outside criminal law.[11] That means things done by doctors are very serious crimes for others. This exception helps doctors as well as patients. For example, a doctor fearing prosecution by his patient would not be a contribution either to medicine or patients. On the other hand, this concept also has disadvantages. Doctors’ relief of liability for their acts might tend away from a proper responsibility towards patients, even though medical negligence or error is very difficult to prove.
One of the characteristics of Common Law countries is the use of precedent. For example, in Great Britain they look at precedent from previous rulings to know what the law is and how to apply it. The whole responsibility lies upon a judge, who may create the precedent. This is the reason why the argument of ‘slippery slope’ is one of the biggest fears in Great Britain. The legislation is very strict towards a problematic of opening ‘flood gates’. That is, thus far, the reason why euthanasia and assisted suicide has not been legalized in Great Britain. They are very careful in choosing their laws and, as far as they remain unable to find sufficient definitions in the question of euthanasia, there won’t be any possibility of legalizing euthanasia and/or assisted suicide.

Characteristic of this law is that legislator in the title as well as in the text, uses a term euthanasia, which is defined as intentionally taking the life of another person upon his request. The definition, as a term, from one side, is taken from the Dutch law and theory; while on the other hand, the current Dutch law does use neither the term nor the definition. At this point, it is necessary to draw attention to the fact that the Belgian euthanasia law does not specifically regulate assisted suicide, and the reason for that can be found in the fact that it has never been a social need to regulate assisted suicide as a separate crime, and the difference between it and mercy killing is minimal. Therefore, regulation of assisted suicide in this law was superfluous — such as excessive mention that physicians has to take this procedure with due care and attention (40).
Euthanasia is last sanctuary for patients, because there are no other alternative;


list of topics for how-to essay

list of topics for how-to essay

  • Effects of Pollution
  • The Changes in the Ocean
  • The Civil Rights Movement and the Effects
  • Causes and Effects of the Popularity of Fast Food Restaurants
  • Internet Influence on kids
  • Popularity of Sports in US
  • Effects of professional sport on children
  • Alcohol and nervous system
  • Domestic violence
  • Growing up with a single parent
  • Effect of school bullying on children
  • Putin politics against the neighboring countries
  • Music effects on human body
  • Dating at young age
  • What causes some women to repeatedly get involved in destructive relationships
  • Earthquakes and potential dangers they bring
  • Social media effect on young people
  • Growing up in poverty
  • Stress impact on health
  • Impact of drug use on human body
  • The influence of my favorite movie/book on me
  • How war in Syria effects US
  • What impact smoking has on a pregnant woman
  • Telling lies. The cause and effect
  • The causes of divorces
  • What is the impact of genetically engineered food
  • What causes a tsunami
  • What causes racism
  • How globalization affects economy
  • What was your cause of choosing your major/your college
  • The effects of credit culture
  • What are causes and effects of terrorism
  • What makes a person to be a good teacher/mother/doctor/artist
  • What are the effects of homeschooling
  • What causes heart problems
  • What caused the WWII
  • Effects of online dating
  • Uber influence on the taxi drivers
  • How happy relationships affect a person
  • How travelling the world affects life and personality

What subject to choose when it comes to cause and effect essay writing. We have collected some good ideas to get you started with your essay. Choosing the essay topic for cause and effect essay type is not difficult, here are some good sample essay topics:

List of topics for how-to essay
Process analysis writing involves a comprehensive set of instructions that explains a process from beginning to end. To successfully write a process analysis essay, writers must critically analyze each step of the process they have chosen to describe and determine the most reasonable way of delivering information before writing. Expertise is required when explaining a process with this level of detail and this can be obtained through firsthand experience or thorough research.
When writing an essay or speech through process analysis, keep these tips in mind:

List of topics for how-to essay
Narrow your choices to a few topics, and then brainstorm for a few minutes about each topic. Determine which one has the most potential because it can be divided into five to 10 clear paragraphs that you can explain well.
When you read over the list below you will realize that you do know many things in depth, well enough to teach. Typically, your inspiration will be based on lateral thinking. For example, from the list below, you may decide to write an essay on how to cook a Scottish egg after you see “Crack an egg” in the list. Or you may decide to write about how to make an Excel spreadsheet with all of your homework listed, after seeing “Organize your homework” on the list.

List of topics for how-to essay
But Before that you may wanna read some awesome Essay Writing Tips here.
Essay topics in English can be difficult to come up with. While writing essays, many college and high school students face writer’s block and have a hard time to think about topics and ideas for an essay. In this article, we will list out many good essay topics from different categories like argumentative essays, essays on technology, environment essays for students from 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grades. Following list of essay topics are for all – from kids to college students. We have the largest collection of essays. An essay is nothing but a piece of content which is written from the perception of writer or author. Essays are similar to a story, pamphlet, thesis, etc. The best thing about Essay is you can use any type of language – formal or informal. It can biography, the autobiography of anyone. Following is a great list of 100 essay topics. We will be adding 400 more soon!

Nice essay writing and very nice topic for students
2. Is procrastination really a bad thing?


table topics ideas

table topics ideas

Some example jobs:
I asked the first speaker to open his envelope.

Table topics ideas
Meetings: alternate Thursdays 6:45 am
Communication Tips Videos

Table topics ideas
There are many tools available for choosing Topics. Search the web and you will find many sites that give suggestions. There are also apps that you can use during your club meeting that have the same purpose.
There are no set rules for choosing a subject. In its simplest, this can be a set of random questions that each speaker just needs to answer and elaborate on. This is acceptable as a beginning Table Topics Master. In time, as you evolve as a speaker, so should the subjects you select. Keep in mind that these do not have to be in a question-and-answer format. You can ask the speaker to act out scenes or situations. Some clubs use the Table Topics to concentrate on eliminating crutch words in their speech.

Table topics ideas
FreeToastHost Website Support is available at:
Here is a list of 50 Fun Table Topics ideas that you could use when you next have the role of Table Topics Master.

Table topics ideas
Cut out the sayings, fold them and place them in a bag. Call up speakers in any fashion you wish (handing out pieces of paper with numbers on them in advance is great). Have them pick out a piece once at the lectern. Speakers may read the paper at the start or end of their speech, depending on how they want to deliver it!
“It’s like a zoo in there!” Talk about a time things got a little crazy at home or work.


Web Traffic


Boosting traffic to your site can be quite challenging, especially when you’re not the only one who aims to reach the top of search engine rankings. But while there’s fierce competition in the online landscape, there are many ways for you to execute an effective online marketing strategy.

It can be a little daunting to get those first few visitors to your content (especially when you don’t have any idea what you’re doing wrong), but there are a lot of creative ways for you to boost traffic to your site.

If you want to follow a few quick guidelines, here are some useful tips and tricks that you can do to give your site a much-needed boost. By following these tips, you’re well on your way to attracting more readers and potential customers, and boosting traffic to your website.

Make Your Website SEO-Friendly

Not only does your website have to look good for humans, it also needs to be easily interpreted by search engines so they can effectively crawl and index your content. Remember that the key to effective online marketing is to start with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It puts your website in a favorable position in search engines, like making it easier for users to find you online.

SEO is comprised of two components: on-page and off-page. It’s important for you to focus on both. If you think you don’t have enough time to deal with both, consider hiring a professional. If all else fails, make generating unique, relevant, and shareable content a top priority.

Write High-Quality Content

When it comes to search engines, high-quality, original content is king! They are more likely to be read and shared by others,and as a result, it increases incoming links and web traffic. Do not look at your website merely as a way to increase the number of web pages that you can index. By focusing on providing quality content to your readers, more and more people will turn to you, and they are more likely to purchase your products and/or services.

There’s only so much you can do with cheap web traffic that simply inflates traffic statistics. If you’re serious about boosting traffic to your site, consider solving problems. Your visitors will surely be thankful if you help them in some way, and they’ll be more likely to subscribe to your site, share your content, and even become a loyal follower or customer.

Identify Relevant Keywords

Incorporating appropriate keywords into your content greatly helps in making your site more searchable by users and search engines. It’s an open secret, but maintaining a dynamic website almost always trumps static websites in terms of performance in search ranking.

A dynamic website with rich keywords and strategic descriptions that are tailored to match queries in search engines greatly help in boosting traffic. That said, it’s imperative that you understand the relevant keywords for your business/company and the competition for these keywords in the World Wide Web.

You can also target long-tail keywords. These are longer and more specific keyword phrases that visitors use when they’re at the point of purchasing a specific product. Initially, long-tail keywords can be a little counter-intuitive, but they prove to be valuable if you know how to use them. They account for a large percentage of web searches, so if they’re not part of your SEO or paid search efforts, then you’re missing out on a lot of great opportunities!

Promote Guest Blogging

Like chivalry, guest blogging isn’t dead! Consider guest posting on a reputable website that covers your industry or niche. This greatly helps boost traffic to your site, and in turn, promotes and strengthens your brand.

Guest blogging is a two-way street so aside from posting content to other sites, make sure you invite people in your industry to guest-post on your own site. They are more likely to link to and share their guest post, which could bring in new readers to your site. It’s a worthy bargain, right?

As always, make sure to post high-quality, original content without spammy links. You know well that search engines like Google keep an eye out on low-quality guest blogging. You’ve been warned!

Go Social

Promoting your website effectively makes a huge difference between a dead site and a successful site. If you can invest some money in your site, you can develop your brand quickly and more efficiently by boosting your social media presence and by advertising on other sites.

Those who are on a tight budget need not worry, as well, because there are many different ways for you to promote your brand without spending a single penny. Guest blogging is one way to raise awareness. Incoming links that are shown in your author biography can also increase incoming links to your site, which also helps in boosting your rank in search engines.

You can also share your content on social media sites like Facebook. You can create a fan page (which is essential for every business owner these days) in just seconds. A fan page will give you a lot of exposure to not only the current followers but the followers’ friends, as well.